Recording your screen

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With ScreenApp, you can easily record your screen, webcam, or both, directly in Chrome. In this support article, we'll guide you through the various ways you can record with ScreenApp and provide tips on getting the best quality recordings.

  1. Recording with Screen Only or Webcam Only: When recording with ScreenApp, you have the option to record using only your screen or only your webcam. You can also select which camera you want to use for the highest quality recording. This feature is especially useful for video tutorials, presentations, or creating videos for social media
  2. Audio Options: ScreenApp offers several audio options to capture your audio with your video recording. The system audio option allows you to record any application's audio on your system, making it perfect for recording music or game sessions. Be sure to always allow permissions for the system to pick up on all the video and audio.
  3. Selecting a Tab for Audio: When recording a meeting or webinar, be sure to select a tab to ensure that the audio comes through. This ensures that the audio is recorded correctly and avoids any playback issues during post-production.
  4. Allow Permissions: To ensure that ScreenApp can access your camera and microphone, be sure to allow permissions in Chrome. This will allow ScreenApp to pick up on all the video and audio, resulting in high-quality recordings.