Microsoft Teams Definition

Call Quality Dashboard

A Call Quality Dashboard in Microsoft Teams is a tool that provides real-time insights and analytics on the quality of audio and video calls made within the platform.

What is a Call Quality Dashboard?

A Call Quality Dashboard is a tool that provides real-time and historical data on the quality of calls made through Microsoft Teams. It allows administrators to monitor and troubleshoot call quality issues, such as poor audio or video quality, dropped calls, and network connectivity problems. The dashboard provides detailed metrics, such as call duration, packet loss, jitter, and latency, which can help identify the root cause of call quality issues and enable administrators to take corrective actions.

How does the Call Quality Dashboard work?

The Call Quality Dashboard collects data from various sources, such as the Microsoft Teams client, network devices, and call quality agents. It uses this data to generate reports and visualizations that show the overall call quality, as well as the quality of individual calls. The dashboard also provides alerts and notifications when call quality falls below a certain threshold, allowing administrators to take immediate action to resolve the issue.

Why is the Call Quality Dashboard important for Microsoft Teams?

The Call Quality Dashboard is an essential tool for ensuring a high-quality calling experience for Microsoft Teams users. It enables administrators to proactively monitor and troubleshoot call quality issues, reducing the risk of downtime and improving user satisfaction. By providing detailed metrics and insights, the dashboard also helps organizations optimize their network and infrastructure to support high-quality voice and video calls. Overall, the Call Quality Dashboard is a critical component of Microsoft Teams' unified communications platform, enabling organizations to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

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