Zoom Definition


A host in Zoom is the person who schedules and starts a meeting, and has control over the meeting settings and participants.

Host in Zoom: Definition

When it comes to Zoom, a host is the person who schedules and initiates a meeting. The host has control over the meeting and can manage various aspects of it, such as muting participants, sharing screens, and recording the session. The host is also responsible for inviting participants to the meeting and ensuring that the meeting runs smoothly.

Host Key in Zoom: Definition

A host key is a six-digit code that is used to claim host controls during a meeting. The host key is unique to each Zoom account and is used to verify the identity of the host. The host key is typically used when a host joins a meeting from a device that is not associated with their Zoom account, such as a conference room system or a phone. By entering the host key, the host can claim their host controls and manage the meeting as usual.

Alternative Host in Zoom: Definition

An alternative host is a person who is designated to host a meeting in the absence of the primary host. The alternative host must have a Zoom account and be part of the same organization as the primary host. The alternative host can start the meeting, manage participants, and perform other host functions. This feature is useful when the primary host is unable to attend a meeting due to unforeseen circumstances.

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