Conversation Intelligence

  • Topic extraction and analysis
  • Action item tracking
  • Sentiment analysis
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Conversation IntelligenceConversation Intelligence

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Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda
Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda
Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda

Benefits of Conversation Intelligence

Uncover Key Topics and Trends

ScreenApp's Conversation Intelligence identifies the key topics and trends discussed in your meetings, allowing you to:

Enhance Team Communication and Collaboration

With Conversation Intelligence, you can easily share meeting insights with your team, fostering better communication and collaboration. This leads to:

Empower Your Team with Coaching and Training

Conversation Intelligence provides valuable feedback on your team's communication skills, enabling you to:

Make Data-Driven Decisions

By analyzing meeting transcripts and sentiment, you can make informed decisions about your:

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Who is Conversation Intelligence perfect for?

Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team

Empower your sales team to deliver winning pitches, coach reps to peak performance, and close more deals with ease. CI provides real-time insights into sales conversations, enabling you to identify winning strategies and refine your approach.

Recruit Top Talent Faster with CI

Identify the perfect candidates faster by analyzing hiring conversations with CI. Uncover patterns and trends that reveal the qualities of top performers, ensuring you hire the right talent for your organization.

Build Products Your Customers Love

Tune into the voice of your customer and build products that truly resonate with their needs. CI analyzes customer feedback and interactions, providing actionable insights that guide product development and innovation.

Craft Marketing Messages That Hit the Target

Discover what messaging resonates with your audience and what falls flat. CI analyzes customer interactions and team discussions, revealing the language that drives engagement and conversions.

Resolve Customer Issues Proactively

Identify and address customer issues quickly and effectively with CI. By analyzing customer conversations, you can anticipate potential problems and take proactive measures to maintain customer satisfaction.

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

Break down silos and foster seamless collaboration within your engineering teams. CI analyzes team discussions, identifying areas for improvement and promoting a culture of open communication and knowledge sharing.

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How to use Conversation Intelligence

1. Record your meetings

ScreenApp automatically records your meetings using your existing video conferencing software.

2. Transcribe and analyze your meetings

ScreenApp automatically transcribes and analyzes your meetings, so you can identify key topics, trends, and sentiment.

3. Share insights with your team

Share meeting insights with your team to improve communication and collaboration.

4. Coach and train your team

Use Conversation Intelligence to identify areas where your team can improve their communication skills.

5. Make better decisions

Use Conversation Intelligence to make better decisions about your sales, marketing, product, and engineering strategies.

Frequently asked Questions about Conversation Intelligence

How much does Conversation Intelligence cost?

ScreenApp's Conversation Intelligence is available for free, allowing you to experience its transformative power without any financial commitment. You can also request a demo for a personalized guided experience.

How do I get started with Conversation Intelligence?

Getting started with Conversation Intelligence is simple and straightforward. Simply record your meetings using your existing video conferencing software, and ScreenApp will automatically transcribe and analyze them, providing you with valuable insights.

How can I share insights with my team?

Sharing insights with your team is effortless. You can export meeting insights to a CSV file or share a link to the meeting transcript, ensuring everyone is on the same page and empowered to make informed decisions.

How can I coach and train my team?

Conversation Intelligence empowers you to identify areas where your team can improve their communication skills. Track the number of questions asked, time spent in conversations, and longest monologues identified. Use Conversation Intelligence to detect sentiment and understand how your team feels about specific topics or customers.

How can I make better decisions?

Conversation Intelligence provides actionable insights to guide your decision-making process. Identify common customer objections and address them proactively in your sales pitch. Understand customer pain points and feature requests to build products that resonate with your target audience. Hire top talent faster by identifying the most promising candidates based on their interview performance.

What is the difference between Conversation Intelligence and other meeting transcription tools?

ScreenApp's Conversation Intelligence goes beyond mere transcription. It analyzes your meetings to provide a comprehensive understanding of key topics, trends, and sentiment. This deep level of insight sets it apart from other meeting transcription tools.

Do I need to install any software to use Conversation Intelligence?

No, you don't need to install any additional software. ScreenApp's Conversation Intelligence seamlessly integrates with your existing video conferencing software, making it easy to use and effortlessly powerful.

Can I use Conversation Intelligence with other video conferencing software?

Yes, ScreenApp's Conversation Intelligence is compatible with a wide range of video conferencing software, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred platform.

How long does it take to transcribe and analyze a meeting?

ScreenApp typically transcribes and analyzes a meeting within minutes of it ending, providing you with prompt access to valuable insights.

Can I export meeting insights to a CSV file?

Yes, you can export meeting insights to a CSV file for further analysis or sharing with your team.

Can I share a link to the meeting transcript?

Yes, you can share a link to the meeting transcript with your team, allowing them to easily access and review key insights.

Can I use Conversation Intelligence to track the performance of my team?

Yes, Conversation Intelligence provides valuable metrics to track your team's performance, helping you identify areas for improvement and guide targeted coaching.

Can I use Conversation Intelligence to identify common customer objections?

Yes, Conversation Intelligence helps you identify common customer objections, allowing you to proactively address them in your sales pitch and improve your closing rate.

Can I use Conversation Intelligence to understand customer pain points and feature requests?

Yes, Conversation Intelligence provides insights into customer pain points and feature requests, empowering you to build products that truly meet the needs of your target market.

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Easily record, review and get valuable Insights with ScreenApp AI functionality.

With the ability to easily record and review work calls, ScreenApp has helped me and my team create a central repository of information that can be accessed anytime. This has made it easier for us to collaborate, share ideas, and make informed decisions based on the insights gained from our conversations. Also, the AI functionality is simply amazing. I am consistently impressed with how quickly and accurately Screen's AI can extract information and insights from the videos. I really like the prompt suggestions that the AI shows me when I click that magic button.


Wilson L

Founder of Wisezer

Lightyears Ahead of Loom

ScreenApp is an impressive video capture and AI software that I highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy-to-use solution for creating rich and informative videos. The software's intuitive interface makes it easy to get started and to produce a video library that can be shared with others. One of the standout features of ScreenApp is its ease of use. The software is incredibly user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and easily capture your screen, edit your videos, and share your content with others. I especially love the transcriptions and ChatGpt functionality, as it makes viewing my colleagues' videos a breeze.


Aaron D

CEO of Kidly

Revolutionizing Communication

Efficient communication is key. Before ScreenApp, we faced challenges in speed and clarity. But now, with its seamless screen recording and vital transcription service, we've bridged language barriers and streamlined our Knowledge Hub creation process. ScreenApp isn’t just a tool—it’s an integral part of our growth journey.


Liam N

Founder of Project Alfred

Elevating Our Educational Experience

ScreenApp has truly transformed our teaching approach. After an extensive search for the perfect screen video recording software for our video tutorials, we discovered Screenapp. Its ability to record high-quality videos directly from our computer screen has enhanced our lessons' effectiveness. Our students benefit immensely, being able to download or stream these videos online. We are deeply grateful to the Screenapp team for their exceptional product and their commendable support to educational institutions like ours.


Kingsley C

Founder of YAT Technology

My Game-Changer for Efficient Mentoring

I have been using ScreenApp for over 5 months now and it has been the biggest time saver for me. As a mentor and advisor, I spend a handful of hours every week speaking with students and mentees. ScreenApp records and automatically helps me summarize all the videos. The best part is that I can follow up with questions and their AI will give me the answers in seconds. I generally ask ‘What were the actionable takeaways?’ and it will accurately pull through the items and present them in an organised message.



Founder of Designership

A Great Recording System

Our overall experience with ScreenApp has been nothing but pleasant! Their support is terrific, and Screenapp solves our need for a cloud-based solution for recording and storing videos.

Our favorite part about ScreenApp is how easy it is to create and share videos. We have a decently sized team and everyone is able to utilize ScreenApp to record their content with a single link, which is one of the best features.

Logan E

IT Specialist