AI-Enhanced Meeting Solutions: Noota vs ScreenApp Review and Comparison

by Andre Smith
Last Updated:
June 27, 2023
AI-Enhanced Meeting Solutions: Noota vs ScreenApp Review and Comparison
In the age of digitization, AI-powered tools have emerged as significant catalysts in enhancing meeting productivity and efficiency. Among these, Noota and ScreenApp, renowned AI-powered meeting tools, have become prominent fixtures in today's business landscape. These innovative platforms transform discussions into actionable insights through their unique features of recording, transcribing, and summarizing meetings.


Examining the Distinct Capabilities of Noota and ScreenApp

Noota: Your All-Inclusive Meeting Companion

Noota offers a comprehensive meeting solution that goes above and beyond simple recording functionalities. It captures each nuance of your meetings, accommodating a variety of platforms like Zoom, Teams, Aircall, and Ringover. Noota's automatic transcription coupled with sentiment and topic analysis allows you to grasp the essence of any call within a two-minute span.

Notably, Noota takes a step ahead by dispatching summaries as CRM deal notes, reducing the time spent on manual tasks significantly. It pioneers the notion of Conversation Intelligence, thereby transforming your calls into invaluable business intelligence. Moreover, Noota equips you with a built-in screen recording extension for capturing screens during meetings, along with a Live Guidance & Coaching feature, simplifying the onboarding process.

From a security perspective, Noota is both HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant. It employs double encryption for data security and is in the course of acquiring SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, instilling confidence in its users.

ScreenApp: The Definitive Tool for Video Creation

On the other hand, ScreenApp stands out as a dynamic online screen recorder, curated to aid businesses in crafting engaging videos like demos, tutorials, and presentations. It offers users the ability to record screens, upload videos for editing, and optimize them for stellar outcomes. ScreenApp's extensive editing tools let you incorporate captions, annotations, and various visual elements, making your videos more engaging and informative.

ScreenApp champions the notion of effortless video creation. Irrespective of your experience level, ScreenApp offers all the necessary tools to produce top-notch videos swiftly. Moreover, ScreenApp allows for seamless video uploading and sharing, centralizing your video content and eliminating the need for complicated sharing processes or dispersed video libraries

Assessing the Pricing: Noota vs ScreenApp

ScreenApp Pricing Details:

ScreenApp offers three distinct plans tailored to different user needs:

  1. Starter Plan (Free forever): Ideal for recording, storing, and sharing videos. Key features include unlimited recordings, transcriptions, downloads, and a 10 video library. If you wish to use ScreenApp for free, the Starter plan is your go-to option, allowing you to record your screen, transcribe, and download your materials.
  2. Business Plan ($15/user/mo): A powerful tool for screen recording, sharing, and AI functionalities. The Business plan provides up to 1000 videos, unlimited downloads, premium support, and 100 ChatGPT prompts per month. This plan unlocks team functionality for collaboration tools if there are two or more users.
  3. Ultimate Plan (Price upon contact): Offering advanced security and collaboration for enterprises, the Ultimate plan includes self-hosting, code components, platform SDK and plugin, and whitelabeled features.

Special pricing options are available for startups, non-profits, and educational organizations.

Noota Pricing Details:

Noota has tailored its pricing plans to cater to a variety of user requirements:

  1. Free Plan: For general users, offering 300 minutes of credits, 900 minutes of storage, a basic AI-Summary, screen recorder, search, tag & screenshot features.
  2. Solo Plan ($10/month): Designed for individuals, the Solo plan offers 1000 minutes of credits, 9000 minutes of storage, file uploads, multi-uploads, document export, and translation features.
  3. Pro Plan ($22/month/user): Aimed at professionals, this plan provides unlimited credits, eight summary templates, live coaching, conversation intelligence, and integration features. Fair use limit applies.
  4. Business Plan (Billed annually): For teams of 10 or more, this plan offers unlimited credits, collaborative mode, custom summary, analytics, invoice payments, and workspace functionalities.

The choice between these two would largely depend on your specific business needs and preferences. Both tools promise to deliver substantial value and could be a worthwhile addition to your tech stack.

Specialties of ScreenApp vs Noota

Integration Capabilities

  • Noota: One of Noota's standout features is its seamless integration with popular CRM systems. This means businesses can easily sync their meeting records and transcriptions directly to their CRM, enhancing their customer relationship management processes.
  • ScreenApp: While ScreenApp primarily focuses on video creation and sharing, it's crucial to explore its integration possibilities. Knowing whether it can integrate with video hosting platforms, social media, or content management systems could be a deciding factor for potential users.

Customer Support

  • Noota: Noota's customer support responsiveness and efficiency need to be evaluated. Users often value quick and effective solutions when they face difficulties, and Noota's performance in this area could significantly influence user satisfaction.
  • ScreenApp: Similarly, ScreenApp's customer support quality is worth assessing. Feedback on its support team's promptness, accessibility, and problem-solving ability can provide insight into its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ease of Use

  • Noota: As an all-in-one meeting solution, Noota should be user-friendly and intuitive. Examining its user interface, ease of setup, and overall user experience can shed light on how straightforward it is for users to navigate its features.
  • ScreenApp: ScreenApp prides itself on making video creation quick and easy. However, an in-depth look at its interface and usability, especially for beginners, is essential to understand its user-friendliness.


  • Noota: With multiple pricing plans, including a professional and business plan, Noota appears to cater to businesses of all sizes. But it would be valuable to delve into how well it scales and whether it can handle the needs of a rapidly growing company.
  • ScreenApp: Testament to its robust design and advanced capabilities, ScreenApp effectively exemplifies real-world scalability and adaptability. The tool is meticulously engineered to accommodate the needs of diverse user categories, ranging from individual users to large teams, thereby ensuring optimal efficiency under varying user loads. Enhanced collaboration is facilitated through features such as 'Team Space,' cementing ScreenApp's proficiency in handling diverse use cases.

ScreenApp's robust architecture empowers it to process an impressive volume of hundreds of thousands of videos monthly, demonstrating its capacity to meet substantial operational demands. This highlights its remarkable scalability and adaptability. Consequently, ScreenApp emerges as an invaluable tool capable of accommodating growth and intensifying user requirements. It thereby presents itself as a versatile solution, suitable for businesses across the spectrum of size and industry.

User Training

  • Noota: Noota's live guidance and coaching feature is meant to ease onboarding. How extensive is this training? Does it adequately cover all features, and how steep is the learning curve for users?
  • ScreenApp: While ScreenApp is designed to be easy to use, details about any available training or tutorials, especially for first-time users, could enhance the understanding of its user friendliness.

Noota vs ScreenApp Comparison Table

Features/Tools Noota ScreenApp
Purpose Meeting transcription, analysis, CRM integration, and screen recording Video creation, editing, and sharing
Transcription Automatic transcription, topic, and sentiment analysis Transcription feature available
AI Capabilities AI-powered meeting analysis, conversation intelligence AI functionalities in Business plan
Recording Meeting and screen recording Screen recording
CRM Integration Yes Not mentioned
Pricing Plans Free, Solo ($10/mo), Pro ($22/mo/user), Business (Annual billing) Starter (Free), Business ($15/user/mo), Ultimate (Price upon contact)
Special Prices Not mentioned For startups, non-profits, educational organizations
Free Trial Not mentioned Yes
Security HIPAA-eligible, GDPR compliant, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications in progress Not mentioned
User Training Live guidance and coaching feature Not mentioned
Scalability Suited for individuals, professionals, and teams (10+) Starter plan for individual users, Business and Ultimate plans for teams
Customer Support Not mentioned Premium support in Business plan

Noota and ScreenApp are both impressive AI-powered tools designed to augment meeting productivity and effectiveness. While Noota emphasizes converting meetings into actionable insights and seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, ScreenApp prioritizes the creation, editing, and sharing of engaging videos. The decision between these two largely depends on your specific business needs and preferences. Regardless, both tools offer tremendous value and could serve as notable additions to your technology arsenal.

ScreenApp effortlessly captures your screen recordings and leverages AI to transcribe and summarize your meetings and workflows, making it simple to share insights with your team, clients, and prospects.
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